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From the Editor’s Desk
I am very excited to bring you 2g’s first monthly newsletter. Join us as I take you behind the scenes to get the latest scoop on all of 2g’s activities. Each month, in our profile feature, you will get to meet people of incredible talent, on and off stage. Our FAQ section will give you answers to questions you have always had about the theatre world and 2g but never dared to ask. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it together. Please e-mail me with suggestions and comments. I would love to hear from you. Keep reading!

Grace Leung, editor

Little Known Fact

Tia Carrere made her Carnegie Hall debut singing Bohemian Rhapsody with the cast of The Karaoke Show at 2g’s Concert of Excellence. Her Playboy cover debut followed only weeks later. Was it the karaoke?

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October 2004 Newsletter : : Behind The Scenes : : Meet The Artist : : FAQ

From the Artistic Director
Welcome to our exciting 2003-2004 season of world-class music and theatre. Thanks to your support and involvement, the 2002 season was nothing short of spectacular. The year’s many monumental achievements include the successful world premiere of the award-winning play Masha No Home, a co-production with the esteemed Ensemble Studio Theatre, and our sold-out debut at prestigious Carnegie Hall -- the second annual Concert of Excellence, featuring the Remy X.O Excellence Awards.

The year promises to bring even more thrilling adventures. The Karaoke Show, produced in collaboration with producers of the acclaimed The Donkey Show kicked off last month after a successful workshop run last fall and already has New Yorkers singing. Also, The Wedding Banquet: The Musical will be led by Tony-nominated director John Tillinger in premiere productions in Taipei, Singapore, and Seattle. This month, we are launching 2g’s first newsletter to keep everyone in the loop. Read on, stay posted, and join us in celebrating our stories in music and theater. –
Welly Yang, founder/artistic director

2g Meets Karaoke in a Comedy of Errors

What do you get when you mix Shakespeare, karaoke, and pop culture? You get The Karaoke Show - a new theatrical experience that unmistakably clicks with 2g’s mission to create theatre that reaches across cultural, generational, and racial boundaries. But how did this idea come alive? Hint: the show’s beginnings can be traced from across the ocean - but think Atlantic, not Pacific. []

Meet the Artist: Diane Paulus
Director and Co-Creator of The Karaoke Show
New York born and bred Diane Paulus, originally aspired to be a lawyer but found her passion in theatre and directing. Her current work, The Karaoke Show promises to "blow open ideas of racial and ethnic barriers, where your race does not have to be limited to how you are perceived.” It will lead you through a feast of transformations where the “transformation only ends when you take the stage." []

Meet the Team: 2g Staff and Volunteers

The success of 2g relies heavily on the support and dedication of people like you. This year, we welcome a new team of staff and volunteers who bring to us their talent and energy, working around the clock to make for an even more astounding 2003. Find out who they are, get in touch, get involved! []

Q: How does 2g decide what shows to produce?
2g produces two distinct types of shows: those that are borne out of Welly's mind, mostly musicals that he writes with collaborators Brian Yorkey and Woody Pak (e.g. The Wedding Banquet, Making Tracks); and shows by artists that are like-mindedly daring (e.g. The Karaoke Show, Masha No Home). What they all have in common is that they are all innovative pieces that move and transform audiences with humor, drama, and passion.

2g also runs the In the Works Reading Series and the 2g After Dark Cabaret Series as a development vehicle for future productions.

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