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The Wedding Banquet
Singapore, August 21 - 31, 2003, 8pm
Issaquah, WA, September 18 - October 26, 2003
Everett, WA, October 31-November 16, 2003
Tickets info:

The Karaoke Show
Last show this run!
August 28, 2003

Little Known Fact

Belting out "This is True" in a confession to his Wedding Banquet family, Welly has won the hearts of many in his homeland Taiwan. Sources in the Far East revealed that hundreds of fans wait outside the theater every night hoping to get a glimpse of Welly and to get his autograph!

Come volunteer for the Concert of Excellence
Want to be involved in the Concert of Excellence at Lincoln Center on Dec. 1st? We need key volunteers (marketing, production, community outreach, VIP handling) for this highly anticipated follow-up event to last year's sold-out Carnegie Hall event with Broadway and movie stars. Please contact Angela Lee () if interested.

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From the Editor's Desk
2g's new musical, The Wedding Banquet, opened in Taipei and Singapore this month. Since then we have received a ton of emails telling us how much you enjoyed the show and asking for more info. Thank you so much for your support and interest. For those of you like me, who have not been to Asia to see the show, find out more in our "On the Road" update and consider making a trip out to Seattle for the American premiere next month. In fact, we may just do a "2g night" in Seattle! This month, The Karaoke Show was picked up by one of Broadway's hottest producers! The current run of the show ends this week, on August 28! Hurry in and catch it! Read onward to learn about Jadin Wong, one of our esteemed honorees for this year's Concert of Excellence on December 1. If you are interested in joining all this excitement, contact us! 2g is now hiring!

Grace Leung, editor

On the bus in New York
  Behind the Scenes: The Wedding Banquet - On the Road

The long anticipated new musical from Second Generation (2g), The Wedding Banquet, finally opened on August 8, 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan to raving reviews. "The audiences have been warm and laugh a lot, and they are growing in number," Brian Yorkey, lyricist, reports from Taipei. The audience is clearly loving it. Word from the Far East is that people crowd around each night after the show to stock up on The Wedding Banquet CD and programs. []

Meet the Artist: Jadin Wong - Dancer, Comedienne, Agent Extraordinaire

At 88 years of age, Jadin Wong just celebrated her retirement from the entertainment world. Jadin is a pioneer, a trailblazer, an inspiration, and a legend for Asian Americans in performance. She was once described in a "Theater Week" cover story as a "sweet Lotus Blossom with a heart of gold, and a tough Tiger Lady - both living in one woman." Her lists of awards, recognitions, and firsts run on and on. Jadin has been honored by President Reagan, recognized in the House of Congress, given tribute to alongside Nobel Laureates for her work as a dancer, actor, and comedienne. With a career that embodies much of Second Generation's (2g) mission, Jadin will be appear as an esteemed honoree in this year's Concert of Excellence at Lincoln Center, December 1. [].

Special Performance Offer
SilkROAD 2003: An Experience in Chinese Theater
September 5-6, 2003, 8PM, at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

This historical Chinese Opera production features the classic tale Monkey King Wreaks Havoc in Heaven (9/5) and highlights from the popular story Farewell My Concubine and Golden Falcon (9/6). Starring is world-renowned performer Maestro Bao-Chun Li, whose mastery of singing, dancing, acrobatics and acting, have contributed to his reputation as the preeminent star of modern day Chinese Opera. To order tickets or to get more information, visit or call Hydra Ventures at 212.957.6935. Tickets are $35, $50, $65, and $85.

Receive a 40% discount for orders placed by September 2, when you mention Second Generation.

*SilkROAD 2003 is a Hydra Ventures production in collaboration with the Koo Foundation of Taiwan. The Koo Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 1987 with the mission of promoting Chinese performing arts, researching anti-cancer drugs, and educating young Taiwanese business professionals.

Q: How come The Wedding Banquet EP album only contains 5 songs? Will a full album of the musical be recorded?
The EP album only has five songs simply because it was recorded during the developmental stage of the show when other songs were still being written. The five that are on EP have been with the show for a long time and were felt to be the stronger songs of the musical.

There are currently no set plans to do a recording of this run of the musical. This does not mean that it may not still happen later on down the road!

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