Concept and Book by Welly Yang
Book and Lyrics by C. Matthew Eddy and Brian Yorkey
Music by Woody Pak

Directed by Lenny Leibowitz
Choreographed by Shawn Ku
Stage Managed by Will Marqhuardt
Musically Directed by David Jenkins and Tom Kitt

Cindy Cheung, Timothy Huang, Mel Duane Gionson, Thomas Kouo, Mimosa, Michael Minn, Kiki Moritsugu, Aiko Nakasone, Rodney To, Virginia Wing, Welly Yang

Band: David Jenkins, Tom Kitt, Hector Lopez, Mowg, Woody Pak

Produced by Gladys Chen and Romeo Joven
Production Associate Lauren Korba
Set Design by Sarah Lambert
Graphic Design by Richard Ng
Projection Design by Elaine McCarthy
Lighting Design by Stephen Petrilli
Costume Design by Rasheda Poole
Sound Design by Virg Nafarette
Sound Equipment by Winston Yang
Assistant Stage Managed by Amy Ehrenberg
Web Design by Jeffrey Chew

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: Laura Bach, Catherine Liu, Melody Ma, Wen-Hwa Lo, Grace Lee, Bernice Tsai

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Lulu Fan, Professor Ying-Mao Kau, Shining Sung, Eric Oborski, Ann Yang, Yu Chi-Chao, Duo-Lin Peng, Lin Cheng-Chu, Mima, Yang Family, Huang Family

The Second Generation Productions
Aldon James, Professor Ying-Mao Kau, Dr. Tzu-Shong Yang, Welly Yang

ADVISORY BOARD: Cindy Hsu, David Henry Hwang, Peter Sellars, Howard Stein, Jeff Yang

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