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In The Works

Since 1999, In The Works has been the literary wing of Second Generation’s productions, and has provided workshop opportunities for dozens of new plays by emerging and early-career Asian American writers, in addition to new generations of Asian American actors and directors. Each In The Works staged reading provides writers with a professional cast and director for up to 29 hours of text-based workshop and rehearsal time towards a public staged reading. All readings are followed by a short Talkback between artists and audiences.

In The Works staged readings have always been free and open to the public.




    1. Untitled, written by Miyoko Conley, directed by Chris Booth. Featuring Jackie Chung, Jon Norman Schneider, Angela Lin & Eugene Oh
    1. The Commencement of William Tan, written by Don Nguyen, directed by Tamara Fisch . Featuring Jordan Dean, Eston Fung, Sarah Lord & Katie Newcomer


    1. and god said good, written by Samantha Chanse, directed by Mia Rovegno. Featuring
      Jackie Chung, Eugene Oh, Maria-Christina Oliveras, & David Shih.
    1. Under Her Tongue, written by Edgar Mendoza, directed by Kathleen Amshoff. Featuring Teresa Avia Lim, Thea Brooks, Michelle Brown, Ana Diaz, Ron Domingo, Sonja Field, Kenric Green, Darlene Hope, Antwayn Hopper, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Liam Rhodes, Kurt Uy & Dan Vidor
    • 15: INSTANT VAUDEVILLE:Untitled Robot Plays, written by A. Rey Pamatmat & Miyoko Conley, directed by Aya Ogawa; Rica’s Quince, written & directed by Kristine Haruna Lee; That’s Why We’re Bi, written by Dustin Chinn & Matt Park, directed by Kristine Haruna Lee; A Milestone Moment for Asians, written by Mike Lew, directed by Ralph Peña; Sweet Lily’s Super Sweet Quinceanera, written by Susan Soon He Stanton, directed by Nelson Eusebio; Rally the Troops, written by Clarence Coo & Mia Chung, directed by Nelson Eusebio; ABSOLUTELY nothing, written by Soomi Kim, directed by Suzi Takahashi; The Intervention, written by Mrinalini Kamath & Nandita Shenoy, directed by Andrew Pang; Game of Thrones Means Family Fun, written by Samantha Chanse & Jon Kern, directed by James Saito; Are You There God, It’s Me Breastless Betty, written by Victor Maog; directed by Aya Ogawa; Rookie, written by Nora Chau, directed by Nandita Shenoy; Dream On, written by Sung Rno, directed by Andrew Pang; Coming Out, written by Christopher Larkin, directed by Dax Valdes; StandUp, written by Don Nguyen & Edgar Mendoza; directed by Suzi Takahashi; One Red Bastard Excerpt, written by Ed Lin, directed by Andrew Pang
      Featuring Peter Kim, Jodi Lin, Louis Changchien, Angela Lin, Andrew Guilarte, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Matthew Park, James Saito, David Shih, Bobby Foley, Eston Fung, Eugene Oh, Jo Mei, Eileen Rivera, Rica de Ocampo, Soomi Kim, Mia Katigbak, Louis Changchien, Bobby Foley, David Shih


        • 14: INSTANT VAUDEVILLE: The Wonder Brothers by Clarence Coo; I Never Thought I’d Say by Kristine Haruna Lee; The Male of the Species by Mrinalini Kamath; I Never Had Chocolate-Covered Candy Hearts by Victor Maog; Way Out by Samantha Chanse; Putting on a Show by Deen,; I Never Do Magic by Ruy Iskandar; Cello, Goodbye by Don Nguyen; Pretty, Precious Unicorns by Nora Chau; Seizing the Last Aloha Dance by Edgar Mendoza; I Never written & performed by Matt Park; Oh, Never Mime by Qui Nguyen; The McDonough 21 by Lloyd Suh; and To the End by Patricia Jang. Fight choreography by Qui Nguyen. Directed by Nelson Eusebio, Kristine Haruna Lee, Qui Nguyen, Ralph B. Peña, Suzi Takahashi & Meiyin Wang. With Rajesh Bose*, Jackie Chung*, Greta Lee*, Mason Lee, Jennifer Lim*, Ruy Iskandar*, Angela Lin*, Eugene Oh*, Matt Park, Maureen Sebastian*, Paco Tolson* & Nitya Vidyasagar.* Hosted by HERE Arts Center.


        • 13: INSTANT VAUDEVILLE: Instant Gratification written & performed by Matt Park.; Instant Life by Mrinalini Kamath & Nora Chau; Instant Improv with Lucky 13 facilitated by Jon Kern; Instant Adaptation: Ed Lin’s ‘Snakes Can’t Run; Instant Happiness by Kyoung Park; Instant Connection by A. Rey Pamatmat; Get Back in My Head, This Instant by Rehana Mirza; So(w)iled in Stant, TN by Kristine Haruna Lee; Instantly Unrequited by Sung Rno & Sunhee Anna Huh; Instant Rewrite by Eugene Oh & Dustin Chinn; Killer Instant: Asians Who Love Guns and the People Who Love Them by Kenneth Lin; Ling Leventhal: Instant Social Reject book by Michael Lew; music & lyrics by Matt Schatz; and Redemption Can Come in an Instant by Patricia Jang. Directed by Victor Maog, Lloyd Suh, Suzi Takahashi, Kristine Haruna Lee, Christine Simpson, Nandita Shenoy, and Ralph B. Peña. Puppets by Spica Wobbe. With Ron Domingo, Debargo Sanyal, Nandita Shenoy, Matt Park, Jackie Chung, Jon Hoche, Ron Domingo, Jon Kern, Peter Kim, Gita Reddy, Mia Katigbak, Louis Ozawa Changchien, Kristine Haruna Lee, Nikki Calonge, Chris Larkin, and Alfredo Narciso. Special Guest: Spoken word artist, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai. Hosted by Walkerspace.


        • Bury The Iron Horse by Michael Lew. With Jackie Chung, Eunice Ha, Mia Katigbak, Natalie Kim, James Saito, and Tiffany Villarin. At Ensemble Studio Theatre.

        • Tapefaces: The Legend of a Kung-Fu Master by Jon Kern, directed by Qui Nguyen. With Dustin Chinn, Jon Hoche, Jodi Lin, Paco Tolson, Temar Underwood, and Amy Kim Waschke. At walkerspace.

        • Thunder Above, Deeps Below by A. Rey Pamatmat, directed by Pat Diamond. With Carla Ching, Veronica Cruz, Frank Harts, Rey Lucas, Hubert Point-Du Jour, and Jon Norman Schneider. At walkerspace.

        • if it’s sad i don’t want to see it by Rehana Mirza, directed by May Adrales. With Maha Chehlaoui, James Chen, Liz Gerecitano, Chad Kessler, Nancy Lemenager, Adam Mastrelli, Marjan Neshat. At the TBG Theatre.


        • The Rise and Fall of the United States of Asian America by Dustin Chinn, directed by Ralph B. Peña. With JP Chan, Jackie Chung, Joel de la Fuente, Sanjiv Jhaveri, Jodi Lin, Eugene Oh, Matthew Park, Dan Rech, Gita Reddy, Michael Rosete.

        • OKAY! by Becky Yamamoto, directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni, choreography by Whitney Stone, music direction by Amy Burgess. With Becky Yamamoto, Frances Chewning, Clare Cook, Emily Ernst, Michael Hanson, Katya Stanislavskya, Whitney Stone, Sonny Valicenti, Lillian Vince, Teddy Yudain.

        • If/Then Among The Taureans by Michi Barall, directed by Kim Weild.  With Julian Barnett, Kimiye Corwin, Kirsta Hoeppner, Albert Kuvezin, Daniel Larlham, Jodi Lin, Chuck Mee, Brian Nishii, Maria Elena Ramirez, Debargo Sanyal, Susannah Silvey.  Presented as part of ELEVEN at the Milagro Theater, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center.

        • Year Zero by Michael Golamco, directed by Lloyd Suh.  With Jackie Chung, Peter Kim, Hoon Lee, Matthew Park.  Presented as part of ELEVEN at the Milagro Theater, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center.

        • Blood In America, A Gook Story Part II, written and directed by Qui Nguyen.  With Noshir Dalal, Melissa Paladino, Daniel Rech, Michael R. Rosete, Maureen Sebastian, Paco Tolson.  Presented as part of ELEVEN at the Milagro Theater, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center.

        • Beautiful Day by A. Rey Pamatmat, directed by Pat Diamond.  With Veronica Cruz, Jennifer Lim Song, Erik Kever Ryle, Jon Norman Schneider, Sheila Tapia, Daniel Zaitchik.  Presented as part of ELEVEN at the Milagro Theater, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center.


        • Thunder Above, Deeps Below by A. Rey Pamatmat, directed by Pat Diamond. With Ephraim Lopez, Jordan Mahome, Bobby Martino, Stephen Conrad Moore, Maureen Sebastian, and Shelia Tapia. Hosted by Ensemble Studio Theatre.
        • TEN new ten-minute plays: The Further Adventures of Little Goth Girl by Carla Ching, Round and Round by Julia Cho, One Last Fantasy by Andrew Chu, Heartbreaker by Michael Golamco, The Great Helmsman by David Henry Hwang, A Rush of Wings by Mrinalini Kamath, City Lights by Chiori Miyagawa, Asian Accents In the Key of Sucky Sucky by Qui Nguyen, Don’t Ever Leave by A. Rey Pamatmat and The Trajectory of a Heart, Fractured by Sung Rno, directed by Lloyd Suh, associate directors Michael Lew and Rehana Mirza. With Jessica Jade Andres, Mariko Barajas, Rajesh Bose, Don Castro, Emily C. Chang, Yung-I Chang, Jackie Chung, William Jackson Harper, Sue Jean Kim, Michelle Krusiec, Ken Leung, Allison Mui, May Nazareno, Matthew G. Park, Constance Parng, Taniya Sen, James Seol, Shanti Wesley. Hosted by the Public Theater.
        • TBA, by Carla Ching, directed by Denyse Owens. With Kellie Arens, J. Julian Christopher, Debargo Sanyal, Elbe Sette-Camara, Lloyd Suh. Hosted by Ensemble Studio Theatre.


        • Boom, by Mrinalini Kamath, directed by Gita Reddy. With Farah Bala, Diksha Basu, Sanjit De Silva, Sanjiv Jhaveri, Deepa Purohit, Debargo Sanyal, Nandita Shenoy. Hosted by Theatre for the New City.
        • Shui Jiao (Dumpling), by Wesley Du, directed by Lloyd Suh. With Ron Domingo, Erwin P. Falcon, Mel Gionson, Jackson Loo, James Saito, Jade Wu. Hosted by The Culture Project/45 Bleecker.


        • A Shadow On The Moon, by Michael Golamco, directed by Lloyd Suh. With Ron Domingo, Andrew Pang, Samantha Quan. Hosted by The Abingdon Theatre.
        • Summer Shorts: Lemon Tree, by Nora Chau, directed by Ron Domingo, Boom, by Mrinalini Kamath, directed by Gita Reddy, and TBA by Carla Ching, directed by Lloyd Suh. With Michi Barall, Joel de la Fuente, Sanjit De Silva, Rona Figueroa, Hoon Lee, Deepa Purohit, Jade Wu, Aaron Yoo. Hosted by HERE Arts Center.


        • Making Tracks, Concept and Book by Welly Yang, Book and Lyrics by Brian R. Yorkey, Music by Woody Pak. Hosted by the 13th Street Repertory Theatre.


        • Cowboy v. Samurai, by Michael Golamco, directed by Lloyd Suh. With Cindy Cheung, Joel de la Fuente, Ken Leung and Jake Myers. Hosted by The Culture Project/45 Bleecker.
        • Kilgore, by Eric Lin, directed by Welly Yang. At the Asia Society, for the International Asian American Film Festival.


        • The Children of Vonderly, by Lloyd Suh, directed by Chris Smith. With Pascale Armand, Lynn Cohen, Timothy Huang, Brandon Kuwada and Shirin Tinati. Hosted by The Public Theater.
        • The Wedding Banquet: The Musical, Book by Derek Nguyen, Lyrics by Brian R. Yorkey, Music by Woody Pak, directed by John Tillinger, based on the film by Ang Lee. Hosted by The Public Theater.


        • When Children Fall, Half-Chinx Taking Over The World & Christian Values, by Bobby del Rio, directed by Alan Muraoka. With Joel de la Fuente, Ron Domingo, Siho Ellsmore, Mel Gionson, Eileen Rivera, Orlando Pabotoy, Kaipo Schwab, Rodney To, Tara Wilson.
        • Monster, written and directed by Derek Nguyen. With Saldah Arrika Ekulona, Laura Bach, Carolyn Baeumler, Cindy Cheung, Mia Katigbak, Maureen Kerrigan, Harvey Perr, Jonathan Sale, Kaipo Schwab and Rodney To.


        • Superfriends of Flushing Queens, by Ji Hyun Lee, directed by Tina Horii. Starring Cindy Cheung, Deborah S. Craig, Dee Dee Lynn Magno and Nancy Wu. Hosted by The Asian American Writers Workshop.
        • Last Year’s Kisses, by Derek Nguyen, directed by Alan Muraoka, starring Jo Shui, Sue Jin Song and Marc Jason Wong, and The Greatest Spectacle In Racing, by Lloyd Suh, directed by Nancy Chu, starring Michi Barall, Tracy Baker, Ken Glickfield, Tom Ikeda and Afolabi M. Ojumu. Hosted by The Public Theater.


        • Achievers, by Michael Golamco, directed by Alan Muraoka. With Deborah S. Craig, Joel de la Fuente, Ron Domingo, Sue Jean Kim and Lloyd Suh. Hosted by The Public Theater.
        • Karaoke Stories, by Euijoon Kim, directed by Alan Muraoka. With Toshi Chan, Cindy Cheung, Emy Coligado, Deborah S. Craig, Ron Domingo, Robert Hamilton, Marcus Ho, Stephen Lee, Aiko Nakasone, Andrew Pang, Juan Pineda, Eileen Rivera, James Saito, Lloyd Suh, Rodney To and Jim Yue. Hosted by The Public Theater.