“Hilarious… beautiful…
– The New York Times

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“A surfeit of comic genius!”
– The Village Voice
“Ching’s language leaps and twirls like the movements of a finely trained, gifted athlete… [her] poetic vision finds fulfillment in Suh’s masterful performance”
– Blogcritics

“Of interest to any contemporary audience… stunning… unusual… original… pleasurable due to the talented ensemble and assorted creative choices”
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“…a very enjoyable evening of well-crafted, well-acted, professionally produced theater. …really top-notch. I look forward to seeing more!”
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“The thought Second Generation put into this production is evident.. Nice work!”

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“Exceptional… all the actors were superb, as was the staging… brought to life with specificity and a naturalness not often found on the stage.”
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TBA by Carla Ching
a world premiere production

new one-act plays
world premieres

FOUR developmental

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MARCH 3 – APRIL 5, 2008

at The Milagro Theatre

107 Suffolk Street, New York, NY
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by Carla Ching directed by Denyse Owens
starring Michi Barall*, Dustin Chinn, J. Julian Christopher, Nedra McClyde*, Lloyd Suh

When Silas Park’s girlfriend leaves him, he becomes a shut-in, pumping out blistering autobiographical writings in his little East Village apartment. Just as Silas finds himself unexpectedly on the verge of literary stardom as the next Asian American wunderkind, his brother Finn shows up on his doorstep, accusing Silas of stealing his life. A play in two acts, in the crevice between fact and fiction.

*appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

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Round And Round
Julia Cho directed by Kate Whoriskey** | starring Joel de la Fuente*, Jennifer Ikeda*

George is a linguist. He speaks many, many languages. But when his marriage starts to unravel, he suddenly finds himself utterly at a loss for the right words.

Ein Berliner
Patricia Jang directed by Ralph B. Peña | starring Steve Sanpietro*, Hanson Tse*

Chad, a faded collegiate track star, has used his looks to land a rich wife and a comfy, but vacuous Connecticut life. The night before moving with her to Germany, Chad’s feckless childhood buddy, Jake, reappears to offer him one last shot at salvation.

Moustache Guys
Michael Lew directed by David Ruttura | starring Ali Ahn*, Jessica Jade Andres, Jackie Chung*, Paul Juhn*, Jason Liebman*, Matthew Park, Steve Sanpietro*, Hanson Tse*, Tiffany Villarin

Ali is worried. Her husband Paul has just joined the International Order of the Moustache Guys. So she dons a fake moustache and pursues her husband, exposing a secret world of shady characters and shadier facial hair.

A Dose of Reality
Rehana Mirza directed by Jon Kern | starring Jackie Chung*, Jason Liebman*, Matthew Park

Gemna is tired of watching reality TV. So she’s decided to make everyone else watch her. Find out what happens when you stop being yourself, and start being real.

Ralph B. Peña directed by Graeme Gillis | starring Jodi Lin*

Finding the Mr. Right requires the right set of tools. Armed with binoculars,a GPS navigation system, and a rental car, a post-modern Manhattanite sets out to track her man. How far are you willing to go?

The Trajectory of a Heart, Fractured
Sung Rno directed by Victor Maog** | starring Ali Ahn*, Jessica Jade Andres, Jennifer Ikeda*, Paul Juhn*

Orville thought he was in love with Joanne, and now he’s wondering why he’s on a plane with Yumi, who is beginning to wonder also. Orville just wishes he could fly. And Joanne just wishes. A meditation on gravity’s emotion.

*appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association
**member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, an independent national labor union

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If/Then Among The Taureans by Michi Barall
A contemporary, freewheeling adaptation of Euripides’ play, Iphigenia Among the Taureans with influences from Goethe’s version and the Gluck opera. Like the Greek original,the play is a dance-theatre romance about how individuals (and societies) go on after the wreckage of war, domestic or global, and how they begin to return home.

Year Zero by Michael Golamco
Vuthy. 16. Cambodian American. Loves hip hop and Dungeons and Dragons. A weird kid in a place where weirdness can be fatal –Long Beach, California. And since his best friend moved and his mother died, the only person he can talk to is a human skull he keeps hidden in a cookie jar. The Year Zero is a comic drama about death and how long we can keep running from it.

Blood In America by Qui Nguyen
Hung Tran has finally made it to America after a tumultuous escape from Vietnam that cost the lives of both his parents and his brother. Now living with his Aunt and rebellious cousin in the state of Arkansas, Hung must learn to adapt to a new life filled with southern drawls, trailer parks, and Super Mario Brothers while being haunted by the sins of his past.

Beautiful Day by A. Rey Pamatmat
Felicia, Joey, Kat, and Matthew reunite for a wedding in their small hometown of Port Huron, Michigan — a town that changes only as much as it stays the same. Navigating through their old haunts, a traditional marriage, sexual experimentation, a trouble-making bridesmaid, and their own dead hurts, the four friends are forced to examine the people they were, are, and want to be in the six nights preceding one beautiful day.

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scenic design Nick Francone • lighting design Chris Brown
costume design Christie Carroll • sound design Shane Rettig
production stage manager Jay Koepke
technical director Gregg Bellon / Production Consolidated

produced by Lloyd Suh • produced by Suzette Porte • production consultant Abby Marcus
line producer Jennifer Conley Darling • company manager Lisa Chan
marketing consultant Daniel Rech • press representative Emily Owens PR