Second Generation Productions is proud to present…

13: Instant Vaudeville

13: Instant Vaudeville will bring together 30+ Asian American directors, actors, writers, performers and art-makers to make theater in a fast, furious collaborative manner over the course of one week! The evening will be made up of 13 “acts” to celebrate our 13th Birthday.

The 13 acts will be:

  • “Instant Gratification”
    written and performed by Matt Park
  • “Instant Life”
    by Mrinalini Kamath & Nora Chau
    directed by Victor Maog
    with Ron Domingo, Debargo Sanyal, Nandita Shenoy, Jackie Chung
  • “Instant Improv with Lucky 13”
    facilitated by Jon Kern
    with Matt Park, Jackie Chung, Jon Hoche, Ron Domingo, Jon Kern
  • “Instant Adaptation: Ed Lin’s ‘Snakes Can’t Run'”
    with Peter Kim & Gita Reddy
  • “Instant Happiness”
    by Kyoung Park
    directed by Lloyd Suh
    with Mia Katigbak
  • “Instant Connection”
    by A. Rey Pamatmat
    directed by Victor Maog
    with Peter Kim & Louis Changchien
  • “Get Back in My Head, This Instant”
    by Rehana Mirza
    directed by Suzi Takahashi
    with puppets by Spica Wobbe
    with Kristine Haruna Lee, Nikki Calonge, Jon Hoche & Matt Park
  • “So(w)iled in Stant, TN”
    written & directed by Kristine Haruna Lee
    with Kristine Haruna Lee, Nikki Calonge & Louis Ozawa Changchien
  • “Instantly Unrequited”
    by Sung Rno & Sunhee Anna Huh
    directed by Lloyd Suh
    with Ron Domingo
  • “Instant Rewrite”
    by Eugene Oh and Dustin Chinn
    directed by Christine Simpson
    with Jon Hoche, Chris Larkin & Nikki Calonge
  • “Killer Instant: Asians Who Love Guns and the People Who Love Them”
    by Kenneth Lin
    directed by Nandita Shenoy
    with Mia Katigbak, Alfredo Narciso, Louis Ozawa Changchien & Gita Reddy
  • “Ling Leventhal: Instant Social Reject”
    book by Michael Lew
    music & lyrics by Matt Schatz
    directed by Ralph Peña
    with Jackie Chung, Alfredo Narciso, Debargo Sanyal, Ali Ewoldt & Matt Park
  • “Redemption Can Come in an Instant”
    by Patricia Jang
    directed by Lloyd Suh
    with Christopher Larkin
Special Guest on Sunday, April 18th: Spoken word artist, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai

Friday, April 16 – Sunday, April 18

46 Walker Street
(between Broadway and Church)

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